The King Writes

For years people would tell me I should write a book. Share my story, a girl from Harlem who became a Scientist. Boring!
I wanted my book to impact the lives of others. It had to be greater than my story alone.
In Jan 2015, I came up with the concept of King Mentality but it wasn’t until Apr 14, 2015 that I announced that I was writing a book.
On that day my dad was having brain surgery to remove part of a cancerous tumor that metastases from his lungs.

I wrote the outline of the book after losing my dad in May of 2015, but didn’t start writing until Dec. 2017. It was time to finish what I started. Thorough late nights and early mornings I began to pull my thoughts together one chapter at a time. I decided to go the self-publishing route on Amazon. Write—Upload—Boom—Published author. Seemed easy, but boy was I wrong.
The King Writes blog series will chronical my experiences of writing and publishing my first book King Mentality.